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Teen Court is an alternative program to the juvenile court system that provides graduated sanctions (penalties) for first time juvenile offenders. Sanctions for the youth are determined by a jury of their peers, and imposed based on the severity and circumstances of the offense. It is a “hands-on” educational opportunity to better understand our system of justice for offenders and for youth volunteers.

Who is Eligible for Teen Court?TC board

Eligible offenders are juveniles, ages 11-17 (check with your local Teen Court Coordinator to verify ages served in your county), who have committed first-time, misdemeanor offenses such as vandalism, simple affray, shoplifting, and certain school violations.

Eligible volunteers are students, grades 7-12. Students interested in applying for positions with Teen Court should contact their school guidance counselor or school resource officer for an application.  Applications are typically accepted at the beginning of each new school year (between August & September). Some of our Teen Court programs accept applications year round (Duplin, Wilson, & Nash/Edgecombe).

 Who Refers Cases?

  • School Resource Officers & Local Law Enforcement
  • Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention/Juvenile Intake Counselor
  • District Attorney’s Office


  • Juveniles brought before Teen Court learn to accept responsibility for their actions by completing various sanctions imposed by a jury of their peers.
  • Juveniles completing Teen Court successfully will have no criminal record of the offense.
  • Youth and young adults are educated about the American system of justice.
  • Youth are provided a peer group working together for awareness and compliance with the law.
  • Positive relationships between adult community members and youth are built, enabling juveniles, adult volunteers, professionals, and others to take proactive ownership of their community

Our Teen Court programs in Pitt, Nash, Edgecombe, and Wilson Counties now oversee Community Service for Teen Court offenders served.  If any non-profit is interested in serving as a Community Service site, please contact the coordinators in these counties.

Listed below are the counties in which we serve as well as program coordinators:

Craven & Pamlico CountyRenee Stewart 

Duplin CountyCiaria Miller

District 7 Counties (Wilson/Nash/Edgecombe)Chris Carr

Onslow CountyDarche Roy

Pitt County Deanna Spruill 

   Click Here for Coordinator Contact Information

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